Revohloo Is Revolutionary

Technology developed to defend against lost Marketing and Revenue generating opportunities for Advertisers & Content Owners due to Ad-Blocking technologies.

The Revohloo 99.9% Guarantee

Artists & Brands who do Direct Ad Deals w/ Revohloo Powered by AdDefender, are Guaranteed 99.9% of all people who view an Artists Revohloo, will view that Brands Advertisement!

A Premium Product & Service

A Great Opportunity for Advertisers to reach their Target Markets & Premium Content Creators to Increase Music Video Entertainment Revenue, an Engage FANS!

Denzel Whitaker, Chief Creative Officer Revohloo, INC.

"Revohloo breathes light into an ever evolving and thriving musical medium. What the company strives to do, coupled with its core technology, will continue to extend the life of artists video past its initial debut peak. Revohloo also looks out for both the creators and the consumers. Revohloo is the next music video revolution!" - Denzel Whitaker - Actor, Director, Producer and Entrepreneur.

How Do AdDefender and Revohloo Work Together?

When a viewer selects a version from Section 1 (one), whichever version the viewer selects, the AD from Section AD is embedded into a single file packet, making it impossible to skip. We can still allow viewers to skip ads when NOT using Online AdDefender. Currently we're testing 10, 15 & 30 second Ads.

NOTE: Creative Advertisers can upload 4 unique ADS, and tell compelling stories about their Products & Services.

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