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What Inspired Us?

We recognized a Serious Problem in the advertising space, when BIG BRANDS who control HUGE Advertising Budgets got Very Pissed Off when their Ads were being served in front and along side of content which was 180 degrees out of line with these Brands.

The Light Bulb (idea) over the head moment came, when we realized this was a Serious Problem and we had a Powerful Solution to the Problem! Offer Advertisers Greater Control over Ad Placements, that is when AdDefender was born.

Our AdDefender Ad Server leverages 5 data centers worldwide to reduce network latency, making our ad tags one of the fastest in the industry.

Our Mission

Creating Value for Artists, Rights holders & Brands, by combining our Online AdDefender and Revohloo Interactive Music Video Technologies, we've created a Powerful New Solution for Brands to ef·fec·tive·ly reach consumers via Hyper-Targeted Relevant Online Ads 99.9% of the time!

Our In·trep·id Technology Team

Revohloo, INC's. CTO/Co-Founder Gerardo Melendrez. is the leader of our technology team. A Senior software Developer. Senior. NET Software Developer with 20 years of experience in a wide variety of business and consumer applications involving different industries, from manufacturing and high-volume transnational payment processing applications to casino management and mobile gaming. Gerardo is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) and writes a blog called .NET Tips And Tricks with emphasis in hard-to-find solutions to problems regarding development using the Microsoft technology stack. Plus we have Den and Sowmya, both recent College Grads with 4 & 6 year Degrees in Front-End Web Development. Sowmya and Den add a youthful prospective to our development team.

Gerardo Melendrez

CoFounder & CTO

Gerardo is a Magician, NOT A JOKE, the man can literally perform Magic!

Den Smetan

Product Manager

Den is a Genius, he could steal your passwords, and may already have!

Sowmya Sree

Front End Developer

Sowmya's entire family thinks she works at Google, and she is married!

Interested In Learning More?

Give us a call, we're ready to demonstrate the power of our Technology!