Online AdDefender

Developed to defend against lost Marketing & Revenue generating opps for both Advertisers & Content Owners due to Adblocking technologies. AdDefender Guarantees Advertisers 99.9% fill rates, enabling them to reach specific Markets & Demographics with Hyper-Targeted Relevant Ads. Premium Content Creators can Monetize their Revohloo Content via Upfront Ad Deals.  A Win, Win, Win Situation!

Interactive Music Video Technology

Imagine an App that gives Artists the Power to offer Fans, Music Videos with multiple beginnings, middles & endings, an App that gives FANS The Power to SELECT one (1) version, from each of four (4) SECTIONS or simply click a Random Revohloo button and create any 1 of 256 Unique Versions of an Artist Official Music Video! Now that is truly Revohloo'tionary!

Music Video Streaming Service

Reinventing the method, production, distribution, marketing and monetization of “Music Video Entertainment." A Revolutionary NEW Music Video Streaming Service called Revohloo or what we call “The Revohloo'tion of Music Video Entertainment,” both Artists & Labels have a legitimate opportunity to earn more Revenue via their Digital IP (music video products), Plus increase Fan Engagement.

A "Bad and Boujee" Revohloo?

What if Migos created a Revohloo of "Bad and Boujee," featuring Cameos of their Label Mates and Celebrity Friends? The answer is it You know that would be EPIC! The point is Artists & Rights holders with Hit Records & Uber Successful Music Videos can re-master their Standard Music Videos in Revohloo format, Creating a NEW Music Video Product to Feed Content Hungry FANS! A Revohloo is perfect for Direct Ad Deals with advertiser look to reach a Specific Demographic

Brands Can Deliver Relevant Ads.

Brands like RapSnacks who are dialed in and connected to their consumers, via partnership with Artists can offer Hyper-Targeted Relevant Ads. According to the data nearly six-in-10 (59%) say they don’t mind getting advertising if they can view free content. What’s clear, however, is the need for more relevant ads that speak directly to consumers, says this data from Neilsen.

What Are People Saying?

Eric Fontaine Serial Entrepreneur, Founder

"Revohloos' core technology is a breath-taking one. It allows artists to create many versions of their music videos the smart way, by just mixing different sections, and with so many combinations, it is amazing! Behind this, Revohloos' main goal is to offer artists many ways to drive traffic and ad revenues. These Revohloos' guys are so smart, they managed to combine creativity with revenue streams."

JDFilms, Music Video Director

"I've been Directing Music Videos for over 4 years, when I learn about Revohloo, I was Blown Away by what is possible from a creative stand point! Revohloo is creating a different kind of platform for Artists to engage and interact with their FANS! Revohloo is the future of Music Video Entertainment, IT'S TRULY Revohloo'tionary!"

Vince Valholla, CEO, Valholla Entertainment, Inc.

"What Revohloo offers Artist & Labels is Monumental! Video is becoming more and more a valuable tool to engage fans! Revohloos' IDEA is an opportunity to Revolutionize Music Video Entertainment!"